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7 Advocates Saying medical marijuana should be Legal
7 Advocates Saying medical marijuana should be Legal

7 Advocates Saying Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

Should medical marijuana be legal? Discover what the 7 advocates are saying!
Although there are different arguments on both sides of this question, medical marijuana has few key advocates that give it an important amount of credibility.

Consumer Reports – According to this organization, patients who are suffering from AIDS or another disease should take advantage of the benefits provided by this drug. They also argued that FDA, besides the new cancer medications, should also approve the use of medical marijuana for those who are terminally ill or are in huge pain.

  • ACP or American College of Physicians – The American College of Physicians does not argue in favor of the multiple advantages of medical marijuana, but they argue that is shouldn’t be classified and determined as a schedule and controlled substance. According to ACP, there are cases in which medical marijuana can be effective and that is completely safe when compared to other drugs.


  • Jocelyn Elders, MD – According to Elders, this herb is less toxic and harmful than many other drugs prescribed by specialists of doctors on a regular basis. Elders claims that there is a mind-blowing evidence that shows that medical marijuana is effective at easing the symptoms of pain, nausea, and vomiting. It is most beneficial for patients dealing with AIDS, cancer, sclerosis, and etc.


  • Gregory T. Carter, MD – Carter claims that Marinol is not a proper substitute for marijuana. It contains a few active ingredients, besides the THC, that Marinol is supposed to simulate.


  • Donald Abrams, MD – Abrams stated that patients with AIDS who had either used the medical in a pill or smoked marijuana has a more effective immune system than those patients who have consumed another version of this medication. Patients who consume medical marijuana have a better appetite as they gained four or more pounds that those who were consuming the other version.


  • Judge Francis L. Young – Francis Young is a respectful DEA Administrative Law Judge. He claimed that the DEA shouldn’t prevent patients from taking advantage of the multiple advantages of medical marijuana if they are in need of course. Young claimed that the 9-6-88 ruling showed few benefits of cannabis as a preventive medical drug.


  • Lester Grinspoon, MD – Grinspoon, a professor of the Harvard Medical School claimed that the evidence of medical marijuana’s health risks is inadequate. Even though the herb has been smoked throughout the Western civilization for about four decades, he noticed that there hasn’t been a one case relating the use of marijuana to emphysema or lung cancer.


By adopting marijuana as a legitimate medicine, it will become much more clear that medical marijuana, in fact, has a huge range of medical benefits and uses, and they should be taken into consideration and treated with the same level of seriousness as the other medical drugs.

People of our modern society should actually open their eyes and realize that cannabis is a safe, beneficial, and effective medicine! 

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