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Best Grow Lights For Cannabis

Your here to find the best grow lights for cannabis. Assuming you live in a legal state, I do not recommend breaking laws so please do check your state/country laws 😇

Lights are a very important factor if you are trying to get the most of your crop. Marijuana requires different light color temperatures (K) during different times of its cycle. Understanding what types of lighting options there are, will provide the best harvest for your situation.

CFL (Compact Fluorescent)

CLF or other flourescent lighting is a great way to grow! This has been a cheap way to get decent size buds. Check the cons and pros below.


  • Not as hot as HID lighting
  • Bulbs are generally cheap
  • Fit normal ballast that any other light screws in
  • Decent yield


  • High watt CFLs are hard to find
  • Need multiple CFL lights to cover plant with ample lighting
  • Do not yield as much bud as LED or HID

CFL grow lights are great if you are trying to be stealthy or are trying to keep things cheap. The main thing to understand is that when searching for CFL bulbs, you want to make sure you get the right wattage. CFLs are energy efficient bulbs. This is kind of a problem for the new comer. The bulb may read something like 100watt equivalent. This does not mean the bulb is outputting 100watt. So keep that in mind, it’s important. When growing marijuana, you want to know the actual watts output not equivalent. Equivalent watts means nothing to the plant! CFL has its good and bad, but there are better options for a bigger yield if thats what you’re after.

best grow lights for cannabisT5 lights are great also. They are best for seedlings and clones. This provides them with enough light to start growing allowing you to keep the lights just a few inches away. T5 is best suited for this but can also be used like traditional CFL as well.


LED Grow Lights

best grow lights for cannabisLED has raised the bar in lighting, being energy efficient, thus producing much less heat than any other light. LED lighting is my preferred grow light. You can pick up LED grow lights cheap nowadays. Going down to walmart and getting LED bulbs is not the same. Unless you want to use 20+ of them. Remember watt equivalent and actual watts. LED uses less watts than CFL and old style bulbs. This means finding a good watt bulb for growing is not as easy. Thankfully in the recent couple years, higher wattage LED bulbs are making their way the market. For example the corn LED bulb, works great for growing. But for about the same price you can get a full spectrum LED grow light from Amazon. This gives you all the light spectrums for a healthy plant that will put out. Those dense buds are worth it.these LED grow lights offer the right color spectrums for vegetative and flowering without need of different color (k) temperatures. This is important for getting the best yield! They put off a pinkish color, they can be annoying to look at. And some have UV rays, so wear sun glasses to protect the eye holes.😎


  • Way less heat means no extra AC needed unless on large scale
  • Can get really close to plant with light without burning the leaves
  • Offer full spectrum and other spectrums CFL, HID, and others can’t
  • Better light coverage in most cases
  • Good yield to watt ratio


  • Finding high watt LED bulbs is difficult
  • Must be careful with looking at lights due to UV light – not all have this


HID lighting

While I think it is an outlandish way to do it with LED becoming cheap, it is still an option and still a good one that puts out dense flowers. The problem is they put out way to much heat. This can be a problem especially if you are working with a small space and limited ventilation. Depending on wattag, AC may be needed to keep room cool enough. This will cost more by running up electric.


  • Excellent light penetration
  • High watt bulbs
  • Best yield to watt ratio


  • HOT! Heat must be ventilated or cooled
  • Must keep far enough from plants so they don’t burn
  • Require special ballast for bulbs
  • Not good for compact grows

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