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The Best Way To Cure Bud

The Best Way To Cure Bud

There are many ways to cure your luscious bud, but what way is the best way to cure bud?

First you want to start and do an initial drying. This involves leaving the bud on the stems and hanging in a still dark place to dry. Don’t make the mistake of putting a fan on, this will dry it to fast and will lead to a hay smell. Definitely not what we want! Drying should take about 4-7 days depending on your humidity, but slower drying = better finished product. We need to also be careful not to over dry it. You will know its done drying when you are able to take the end of the stem and bend it, you should hear a snap. When you do, take and trim your bud down off the stems, make sure you have also trimmed all leaves by this point. Some prefer to trim leaves before and after drying so I will leave that up to you.

Mason Jars. Classic But Effective.

Go out and buy a pack a mason jars. Put all your bud inside, and seal it up. You will want to “burp” the jar full of goods every day or so. This is important as it could mean mold or no mold. By burping the jar you are letting the moisture escape and fresh air in. This is key to slowly curing for the best quality. You will notice after a week or two smell may start becoming really pronounced. Also keep an eye on the bud to make sure they are not to moist. If they seem to be soaking wet, put them in a paper bag for a day or so. This will allow them to dry a little more without running the risk of mold.

You should keep doing this daily for about a month. After which you should not need to do so often. For long term keeping of bud, store in a dark cool area inside the mason jar. Make sure to check every once and a while on it, and give it a burp. Herb can be kept this way for a year + with no loss of potency. Thus this concludes the best way to cure bud, though this is my opinion. Experiment and decide for yourself, but this method works 100%.

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