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CBD oil cured my eczema!

CBD Oil Cured My Eczema! Learn How…

CBD Oil Cured My Eczema Making Me Happy Again

I was born with mild to severe eczema. As a child it covered my back legs and arms. As I grew older the eczema moved to my hands. It went away in middle school, I was thinking the itchy nightmare was over. After I graduated it started up again and attacked my hands. My hands were covered and I mean, COVERED in cuts, blood, puss, swollen red flaky skin and I felt MISERABLE! My confidence was destroyed in the process. Never would I think a frowned upon yet absolutely harmless plant 🌱 would be my cure, and I could happily say now, CBD oil cured my eczema.

Eczema Stole My Confidence 😔
As a cashier at the time I got a ton of ugly and disgusting looks from all my customers as they stared at me while I finger blasted their fresh produce. I was mortified! At one point I started wearing gloves to hide my hands which only made more of a scene. People looked at me like I was one of those hazardous characters from Monster inc.

How I Found Out CBD Oil Would Work
My husband began research on eczema. Apparently eczema is caused from many different things, but he mentioned a leaky gut (sounds weird I know). When I eat junk food or fast food, or basically anything unhealthy it causes leaky gut, which then creates my eczema problem. As if my fruits and vegetable allergy isn’t enough, thankfully I’m not allergic to herbs 😂. So staying away from bad food is still important, but it still never went away just by doing that or special lotions or meds.

Doctors will tell you to take this medicine and use this cream to help treat, but not cure the problem. Eczema is essentially uncurable. Well im proud to say thanks to my husband, I am eczema free for almost 3 months now! How you ask? CBD oil cured my eczema. We actually found it at our local health food store. It is from hemp, no THC for those worried, and actually legal in something like 50 states. I take drops (liquid form) around 7mg when I start to have some dryness to the skin and it’s gone fast. It taste like hay though 😂. I’ve gained my confidence back and can now wear my vast collection of rings proudly. It also helped my metabolism and is possibly helping my weight regulation because I dropped a few pounds right after. Slowly but surely my weight has been dropping so far.

The Endocannabinoid System
I won’t get into detail but I understand that we have an endocannabinoid system from what I have researched. We are literally wired to consume cannabis, and its compounds such as CBD, THC, and the many many more awesome things in the plant. This system built in our body has receptors that send and receive signal all over our body. Makes since why and how cannabis and its cannabinoids can treat and cure illnesses.

I hope people learn the power of hemp/cannabis. Don’t believe all the laughable propaganda and lies told about this harmless plant. NO you don’t get high from CBD and has no known side affects that I have seen anywhere. Essentially as harmless as water 💦. But always let your body guide you, as I learned with myself, I am allergic to everything, so just test a low dose to make sure. I was blown away at the results, CBD oil cured my eczema. Hopefully this might work on other eczema related cases too. So give it a try, what do you got to loose? Any questions feel free to leave me a comment! Thanks! ✌

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