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Both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana has been discussed for years and is still a common topic of discussion among politicians. While the ones opposing our living in outlandish times.

Medical Marijuana; Something for you?

Medical marijuana; Something for you?

Both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana has been discussed for years and is still a common topic of discussion among politicians. While the ones opposing are living in outlandish times. Still milking the pharma, alcohol, and tobacco cow. Enough is enough. While these politicians, who really have no clue what they say, are still clawing on to the opposing team. Now loosing in many states, as people see the BS these people have spread about the harmless plant. Does marijuana count as medicine? We believe it does, or should I say we know it does, and this can be proven by science too. We have multiple facts ready to show that medical marijuana can help a lot of people, and one of them might be you. I will not be getting into the recreational side but I am sure you know what side of the road we stand on.

How Marijuana Works in the Body

Marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, and yes even by religions! Recently studies have been backing up the healing properties it possesses. These healing properties come from the cannabidiol content inside the magical cannabis plant. Your body is wired with cannabinoids receptors in various organs and places throughout the body, including your brain. When the cannabinoids activate the receptor it can affect various parts in the body like pain reception or our immune function. By affecting these bits of the body the cannabinoids can help with various diseases and conditions, of which many are chronic and don’t have a better treatment for.

What Does Marijuana Help With?

Medical marijuana has been proved to treat glaucoma, studies in the 1970’s proved that marijuana lowered the eye pressure, which is exceptionally high for someone with glaucoma. This slows the disease down and can prevent blindness.

As the cannabinoids interfere with the processes of feeling pain it works as a perfect pain killer. Many people that cope with chronic pain, like back aches, can benefit greatly from marijuana as a pain killer. Marijuana can help with headaches, menstrual cramps, GERD, and an endless array of other issues.

Research showed that marijuana users actually had an increasing lung capacity, so it may help improve your lung health and reverse the effects of smoking tobacco. Assuming you vaporize it as that is the healthiest way to consume marijuana aside from making canna butter or making weed edibles with it.

When cannabinoids come into contact with the portions of the brain it relaxes the patient and can control epileptic seizures for up to 10 hours. There are many stories of even children having more than 20 seizures a day. Then they tried marijuana or CBD. These patients seen a HUGE reduction in daily seizures of just a couple to none whatsoever. This proves that it is a medicine unlike what the outdated thoughts of government say. Especially for children with Dravet’s Syndrome, who can have up to 300 seizures per week, this is very helpful. These children can now live a normal life without constantly having a seizure. Because of the same interaction with brain cells it can help with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and Tourette syndrome.

Patients on chemotherapy often suffer from nausea, dizziness or vomiting because of the chemotherapy, can benefit from the use of medical marijuana too. Medical marijuana can relieve the nausea and can too increase the appetite, all too make chemotherapy much easier. Munchies can be extremely helpful to people in these types of situations.

Research on marijuana is still on-going and a more and more discoveries are being made. Recent studies suggested that compounds in marijuana may stop cancer from spreading and might even kill cancer cells. On top of this a recent study from 2015 stated that compounds found in marijuana could interfere with the receptors of cells that progress heart failure, and it might be able to slow down or prevent heart failure from happening. Also marijuana can help recovering brain injury patients rejuvenate and heal their damaged brain. This is backed up by the use of cannabis by the Israel government for their soldiers who have brain injuries.

Another chemical in marijuana called THC is known to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, it blocks the enzymes in the brain which create the plagues that cause the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

As you can tell by the extensive list above there are various health conditions that medical marijuana can be beneficial for. Perhaps you suffer from one of the conditions above, if so you might want to talk to your doctor about the possibilities of using medicinal marijuana. There’s already plenty of research to back up the healing properties of marijuana, and plenty of research is still on-going and will continue to provide us with studies that prove the healing properties of marijuana. Therefore, I believe we must stop seeing marijuana as simply a drug and start appreciating it as a medicine and a gift.


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