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Vape Review – H2FLO by Flytlab

Flytlab is a mostly unknown vape brand. If it was not for a random headshop carrying it, well this beauty would never have ended up on the end of my succulent man lips 👄. So I am here to give a small rundown of why I recommend it and why people should buy it. 

I had bought the original model before what they have now, the Elite and upgraded model. My original Flytlab H2FLO broke after about 6 months. This was ok though. I simply emailed them and they honored the awesome life time warrenty that it has. My USB port broke so it wouldn’t charge. They offered me to upgrade to the H2FLO Elite for just $40 more. That was awesome because the new Elite H2FLO offered three temperatures to choose from vs the original no choices. The H2FLO goes for $220.

Overview of the H2FLO 

H2FLO Elite by Flytlab
The H2FLO Elite offers a nice large bowl. On top of that it heats in a quick 25 to 30 seconds. This is a convection/conduction hybrid as they call it. Flytlab had made a good choice by adding attachments to it. This is what made the device shine to me. It offers a carb attachment, for help getting that extra air flow. A water 💦 attachment that cools and filters vapor. That’s what got my attention, the ability to cool the hot vapor. I was forever in ❤️, hell I still am! It also has many mouth tips to choose from, ranging from metal to plastic. The device itself is a metal design. This is great because it’s durable against my clumsiness, and my wife’s device dropping hands. 😂 

This vaporizer can become a little annoying and awkward to use when using the attachments, even if only using one at a time. You can use the water and carb togther for example which is nice. The problem is, the attachments slip into a hole and grip it with an o-ring. This leads to it falling over due to weight or movement. They don’t stay snug. But still not a huge issue just not for the faint hearted OCD people like me.

Temp settings are as followed from what I was emailed by Flytlab. The LED light color indicates temp.

Blue – 375f

Yellow – 395f

Green – 420f

Although this does not offer really low temperatures, I have found I like these settings. If I want a bigger temp choice I will whip out my Grasshopper. I find myself starting at the yellow and working to green by the end of the session. Now this brings me to the battery. The H2FLO vaporizer has an outstanding battery life. I can get many sessions out of it. It is not a complaint from me, which is good being some vapes have awful batteries. 

Do you like blowing large tasty…. clouds 💨? I do too, and the H2FLO is exceptional at providing robust, delicious vape. It’s tasty when done on the yellow setting  😋. Maybe I wish it had a bigger temp spectrum to choose from to extract different terpenes, but it’s all good. 

Overall I highly recommend the H2FLO by Flytlab. ✌️ 

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