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Grasshopper Vaporizer - Hopper Labs - Dry herb vape pen

Grasshopper Vaporizer Quick Thoughts…

Grasshopper Vaporizer Opinion

Here is just my quick thought on the Grasshopper vaporizer. I am not going to go over specs in detail, but if you are like me and reading specs get you wet, go here to their site. This dry herb vape pen has a temp range of 266-410F. Although it has a good range, figuring out what the precise temp is by using the dial/notch method they chose is harder than using a digital or LED for temp indication. Each notch is so many degrees increase, something like 28F. It does hold an ok size chamber. I have really no complaint about the chamber size because I am aware of the Grasshopper’s overall size. Grasshopper Vaporizer by Hopper Labs


The pros are abundant with this awesome Grasshopper vaporizer! It is sleek, sexy as fuck, portable, and ultra stealthy. Discreet is a major selling point, and honestly a really good one. No one would really know what it is! It looks just like a pen, a little bigger than some but passable as one for sure. The mechanical click it has a fun factor to it.

Best part about the Grasshopper vaporizer is it heats up so fast! I am use to brewing some coffee or checking emails while waiting with my conduction vaporizers. This due to those vape pens having a 30-120 second heat up. No fun if your in a rush to have sex or get out the door. The Grasshopper vaporizer heats up in as little as 5 seconds. It’s incredible for stretching out sessions. You don’t have to complete a session or worry about waisting your herb. Just continue in 10 minutes or hours later without the annoying heat up of conduction vapes and waste. This is because the Grasshopper is a convection vaporizer. The Grasshopper uses heated air to heat the herbs only when you suck in. Your herb never comes into direct contact with the heating element, only the heat you suck through it. This also means your herb is evenly vaped with no combustion.


Cons are a real important thing to consider. It does have one major flaw, the heat this thing put out is a real issue. Take 7-10 straight hits and see if it doesn’t feel like you lost two layers of skin once you remove your lips. It can get that hot! Not a deal breaker but something to be aware of. The grasshopper vape pairs nicely with a glass piece which will fix the heat problem. If you understand this is not meant to be passed around a room full of herb hogs, or puffed on nonstop, than the better of friends you and the Grasshopper vape will be. 👍🏻 Keep in mind that it does come with a silicon tip for fighting the heat, but honestly I don’t use it and it does not help that much. Not to mention it gets a gross yellow color to it. They should have made the silicon tip colored or black. Transparent was a mistake imo. Using a lower heat setting does help or just take intermittent hits and you’ll be alright. 👌🏻

The other downside I noticed so far was the battery life was not the best. I can get maybe 2-3 sessions of I am lucky. I recommend picking up an extra battery or two. I might have had a bad battery from the start though, they say it has good battery life but I must have got a lemon. 🍋 😭 I will update when they ship my new batteries I ordered, been waiting a while which is another downside. The company is really good at delaying but I know it must be tough to keep up with demand being a startup. So be patient. By the way I waited a year and canceled my order with Hopper Labs and just bought a Grasshopper vaporizer on Ebay I found.

Overall opinionGrasshopper Vape Pen

This is my current daily driver, I use it all day everyday. I do recommend using the silicon tip provided although it is no perfect fix for the heat it does help some. Also pick up an extra battery they are only $7 each. It is absolutely a top contender to all the other portable dry herb vape pens out there on the market. It is one of the handful portable convection vape pens.

Grasshopper Vaporizer Quick Thoughts…






      Ease of use




          Vapor quality



            • Fast heat up time
            • Sexy
            • Discrete
            • Temp dial
            • Convection heating


            • Heat
            • Battery life
            • Easy to scratch on base model

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