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8 things you should be doing in bed

8 Things You Should Be Doing In Bed

Here are a few useful tips to have amazing sex. There is always room for improvement. These are 8 things you should be doing in bed.

  • More foreplay please! Instead of rushing right to the point, lavish in the moment. Put your foreplay to the test. Talk about what you both like and do it. The more you work each other up, the more pleasure you receive. Everyone has preferences and different sensations. Ask what feels good, try different techniques with your mouth to suite each other’s needs.


  • It’s okay to be Anal! Spice up the night by asking each other about anal. Foreplay and sex with anal can be rewarding. Lightly graze their hole with your finger and touch it. This is sexy and fun for both, of course if your comfortable doing so. Then ask to go in for the dive but take it gentle. Once it’s said and done it was worth it. You will be hooked for more!


  • Don’t be afraid to talk. Speak up, it’s okay to start a conversation about sex while having sex. That’s actually the best way to improve it. The more you correct what’s going on in the heat of the moment the better it will be for next time.


  • Don’t be afraid to go out of your zone. This goes for women but especially men. Be comfortable with your sexuality. Let a finger visit that anus. Put that costume on. Be that wild child you have been hiding inside. Revealing the the true you means legit fun sex.


  • Use toys! Don’t be afraid to march right into your nearest Spencer’s or sex store with your partner and get that sex toy you’ve been eyeballing for a year now. It’s fun and it’s natural. We all have sex, so why not use it to its full potential? Toys always make the night a blast.


  • Take your time. Clear your mind. Stop trying to rush. Enjoy the moment in itself and don’t be worried if your no where near being able to finish. That’s okay! The second you chill out is the second you will actually start to enjoy it. Don’t feel pressured.


  • Tease the night away. Any way to a perfect night is to start with one. Go to dinner and give your partner the wink as you rub you hand on their thigh. Grab their butt while you walk. Kiss them on the lips oh so softly. Lead up to the sex before you go straight to it. This will keep them curious the whole night.


  • Stop faking. This goes for both men and women. Stop pretending to moan or finish. Just be flat out honest that you aren’t happy. Then maybe you will actually be able to work and solve the problem. Be honest people.

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