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What can the Tech Savvy Consumer Expect in 2017?

What can the Tech Savvy Consumer Expect in 2017 and Beyond?

What can the Tech Savvy Consumer Expect in 2017?

Lots of new tech trends are going to make it into our lives this year. Here are some:

Hyperloop Technology is coming to passenger transportation. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Transportation Technologies will be designing a route between Brno in the Czech Republic and Bratislava in Slovenia which will cut a 90 minute trip to ten minutes. The company is already preparing on a feasibility study in the United Arab Emirates to connect Abu Dhabi to Al Ain, while its competitor, Hyperloop One is working on a project to link Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes, transporting passengers in levitating pods. Hyperloop technology is also revolutionizing air travel. Richard Branson’s startup Boom plans on testing a smaller prototype of its supersonic jet, cutting the flight time from London to New York to three hours and fifteen minutes.

Jetpacks will be soon be available. JetPack Aviation plans on launching its jetpacks by April or May this year. An electric model of its JB10 will be available at $250,000. Martin Aircraft from New Zealand will also be launching its jetpacks this year. While out of my budget and I am sure many other non famous or super wealthy peoples budget, it is a start. My days of wishing for a jetpack should not suffer to much longer!

AR and VR are set to be hot new tech trends in 2017, kickstarted last year with the release of Oculus Rift, the HoloLens and the HTC Vive. There is so much new VR emerging and under development. So be sure to keep those eye holes of yours peeled for upcoming VR releases.

Smartphones can soon come equipped with holographic technology. Alo, a new voice activated smartphone being developed has no touchscreen display. Designed by French designer Jamie Olivet, Alo will project holograms from its camera, and will come with an AI assistant.

3D Printers are finding increasing applications in industries and hospitals. With prices dropping consumers will soon find them affordable. Look out for new models set to launch this year. Start looking out for metal 3D printers and also new filaments for current 3D printers. This expands the current limitation with the usual ABS and PLA types of filaments out now. If there was a metal 3D printer that was affordable I would have bought one.

Prosthetics with a sense of touch are revolutionizing the world for people. These can be connected directly to the nerves in the amputated limb, and allow users to differentiate between the items they are picking up. While these are still in a developmental stage, they could soon be transforming many lives. Who knows what kind of other tech for the average consumer might be developed. Tech and humans are bridging in a way. Terminators are imminent lol.

Personal Robots for home use are due to be launched later this year. Around 25 companies will be introducing home robots at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Mayfield Robotics’ model, Kuri, is one such. Kuri can play music, run your smart home system, answer trivia questions and even take video clips.

Synthetic Food might soon be available at your supermarket. Research is being done on cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and lab grown foods. Scary but interesting. Am I right? I don’t know if it is everyones cup of tea but worth the recognition. Who knows maybe it will evolve into those kickass food pills you see on the Jetsons cartoon. Now I could get behind that!

Flying Taxis being developed by Airbus will take calling a cab to a whole new level. The vehicles will take off and land vertically and transport passengers around urban areas, easing traffic congestion. Don’t know why it has taken so long but better late than never right?

Briefcase Electric Scooters from Coolped can transport you at around 20 miles per hour around airports, subways and trains. The carry-on suitcase has a foldable electric scooter, and comes with a usb port chargeable from your phone and iPad. An app allows you to track its location.

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