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Dark Devil Autoflower by Sweetseeds Review

Dark Devil autoflower by Sweetseeds is a beautiful plant, it has a magical smell and appearance if your strain turns purple. As it matures it has an 80% chance of changing to purple. The Dark Devil autoflower will usually turn the buds purple by mid to end of flowering.

Overall it is a fine strain, and I do highly recommend it for a super fast grow, and a nice bud to show off to your friends. It does have a short high, 2-2/12 hours roughly. And aside from smaller yields than other strains, it is a nice plant overall.

Sweet Dark Devil Auto Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Info
100% Autoflowering strain. This is the result of the hybridization between one of our most appreciated autoflowering genetics – Big Devil XL – and an exotic autoflowering strain with purple flowers, developed with the collaboration of the R + D department. The purple characteristic of this strain is inherited from its ancestors from the Chitral region in the Pakistani Hindu Kush, very close to Afghanistan. The purple genetics contribute for a faster flowering period, bringing new sweet aromas and purple colours to our Big Devil XL. Dark Devil shows a strong hybrid vigour since germination. Plants grow with the appearance of Indica-Sativa hybrids with a strong main stem and numerous side branches, finishing with a big main cola and multiple smaller buds on the side branches. Resin production is abundant in the flowers and in their surrounding leaves. Sweet and fruity aroma with hints of incense and delightful citrus tones. During flowering, around 80% of the plants acquire purple or reddish tones in the buds and some of them even develop purple leaves too. After harvested and dried the buds gain a very dark purple tone, almost black.

Flowering Time 8.5 Weeks
Harvest 8.5 Weeks From Germination
Yield Indoors 400-600 gr/m2, Outdoors 50-250 gr/pp
Height 80-130cm
Smell Sweet, Fruity, Hint Of Incense, Citrus Tones
Grows Indoors/Outdoors

Dark Devil Autoflower by Sweetseeds Review











          • Looks amazing
          • Smells like a basket of fruit
          • Fast seed to harvest


          • Not the biggest yields
          • Effect is short lived

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