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the herbalizer vaporizer

The Herbalizer Vaporizer Is Amazing!

Wan’t to try a vape that is out of this shitty world? Well, this just might be what your looking for! Lets dive into why…

The Herbalizer vaporizer is badass. It has so many cool things and attachments to tickle your fancy lol. Especially if you’re a vape collector like me. My vape buying has become a problem I must admit 😊. Anyways, it has a 4 second heat up time. Crazy I know, my Grasshopper vaporizer is 5 seconds. Like what next, monkeys that conspire with dolphins to take over humanity? Doubtful but a man can dream…

The Herbalizer vaporizer also has a few cool attachments to play with, the ballon bag, whip-draw, and now a new attachment they call the Herbalizer Glass Steamroller. I love the sound of the name, the name in and of itself is righteous as fuck. Makes me wanna steamroll stuff, I don’t even really know what I mean by that either 😆. It is an all glass piece that makes taking hits smooth as pie, and with a lavish pure taste. This allows and assures you get the purest flavor from your flower. Though this piece is sold separately here!

This bad girl also heats up to a whopping 445f with no fear of burning anything, absolutely 0 risk of combustion. Lowest temp setting is 290f. It uses a 300 watt halogen bulb to heat the herb, or oil. It houses an internal microprocessor and other components to regulate and monitor temperature, and save previous vaped temps. The Herbalizer also has a touch screen LCD screen. It is defiantly a premium device for sure. It feels like it too!

The Herbalizer vaporizer features the whip built into the device for easy access, which is always nice since I would easily loose it otherwise. I loose everything, some people are clumsy, I just loose stuff. We all have our weakness, So they got it covered if you’re like me.

the herbalizer vaporizer

Stow away your essential oils, flowers, and concentrates. The Herbalizer has an internal storage for such purposes in mind. Another awesome bonus for the device in my opinion 👍🏻.

Essential Oils + Herb. Vaportherapy Is Now a Thing.

The Herbalizer is now made it my favorite vaporizer out so far. I am a lover of essential oils and the healing power they serve. Do you use essential oils, herb, oils, concentrates, some or more than one of these things? This desktop vaporizer does it all and should be in your collection then, right? An epic device to say the least. I can make the room smell good after using it to vape some loud herb. Just start by adding a few drops of essential oil to the aromapad and slip it into its designated slot. It has an internal fan to diffuse the essential oil. Then the magic happens, the odor in the room is gone, it is a medicinal essential oil vapor, and on top of it I am being teleported to a tranquil galaxy far far away. This is a crazy selling point for people like myself and others that have interest in essential oils and vaporizers.

They also list some temperatures and the effect if you have a desired effect you would like to achieve.



centered, calm, stressfree, peaceful, alert



euphoric, creative, sensual, laughing, hungry



painless, relaxed, liberated, insightful


Another cool feature is the built in fan. It can be turned on for the essential oils as we know, but it can also be used to fill the balloon, or extra air for the whip, and lastly mist your herb vapor into the room like essential oil.

I highly recommend this vaporizer to anyone looking for a state of the art design and a super unique vaporizer. The Herbalizer vaporizer has won my heart, maybe you will win yours next. After all if you love vaporizers there is nothing disappointing about it. Even my friends who don’t vape ask me to break this beast out every time.







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